M. Jovaiša

Marius Jovaiša: photographer from the skies

The person who demonstrated to us Lithuanians how beautiful our country really is; and a photographer who knows how to soar not only on a plane or hang-glider, but also using his thoughts and flights of fancy. After publishing a photography book of exquisite beauty, Marius Jovaiša became yet another ambassador who spread the news of Lithuania to the world. His book, Neregėta Lietuva (Unseen Lithuania), has been published in 11 languages and 35 countries. Its success encouraged the seasoned publisher to make another step forward and preserve the many colours and people of Belize and Cuba in images using his camera. This year, a sequel to Neregėta Lietuva (Unseen Lithuania) by Marius Jovaiša is due to appear, combining subjects as diverse as a ritual necklace several thousand years old, DNA-editing technologies and the forests on the bank of the Neris shrouded in morning mist.

“This book was created out of love for Lithuania. Once you spend some time turning the pages, you feel like saying, in spite of yourself: ‘You are so beautiful, my dear homeland…’ These are paintings rather than photographs.” Antanas Sutkus, president of the Photography Art Society of Lithuania