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No 1: To the West: in the land of the three waters



No 1: To the West: in the land of the three waters

DISTANCE ~620 km
Approximate duration: 5-7 days

This route takes you to the shore of the Curonian Lagoon (Pamarys), the Baltic coast and Samogitia where you can visit many of Lithuania’s unique sites.   The Curonian Spit is a spectacular sand dune spit that separates the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Lagoon. The peninsula is a UNESCO world heritage site, and its pristine beaches have been chosen by Lonely Planet as among the most beautiful in Europe.

On the continental side of the Curonian Lagoon is the River Nemunas Delta; the River Nemunas is the largest in Lithuania. This is a place where you will meet more birds than people.

Ventė Cape Ornithological Station is located nearby; it is a bird flyway where birds are tagged each season.

From here you will arrive in Samogitia, a region that has retained its authentic culture, language, traditions and cuisine. Samogitians were the last pagan tribes of Europe to be baptised and you will find traces of the old faith and Baltic mythology here.
You can stop on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon or by the sea.  

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Klaipėda – Dreverna – Svencelė – Ventė – Rusnė – Mingė – Šilutė -– Pagėgiai – Tauragė – Raseiniai – Šiluva – Tytuvėnai – Kelmė – Kurtuvėnai – Telšiai – Plungė – Kretinga – Palanga – Karklė – Giruliai – Smiltynė – Juodkrantė – Nida - Klaipėda


COORDINATES: 55.718776, 21.128372