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No 3. To the North and East: amidst the lakes and manors



No 3. To the North and East: amidst the lakes and manors

DISTANCE ~690 km
Approximate duration: 5-7 days

Looking for unique and memorable experiences? This route will deliver them. Touch the moon, walk on tree tops, witness an installation made from old television sets, get to grips with ancient fishing methods, savor the taste of fresh honey, and try out delicious bread or pancakes from freshly milled flour

All of this of this and more is available in the Aukštaitija ethnographic area, located in the northern and eastern part of Lithuania.

You can visit the Lithuania’s oldest national park with its gorgeous lakes and forests and pick mushrooms, berries and herbs right from the forest or even try a little forest therapy.

The route is particularly suitable for those looking to unwind and surround themselves in nature. And for those who like nothing better than an invigorating lake swim, you’ll find a multitude of opportunities along the way.

For more information on exact route, sightseeing, campingsites, car repair, gas stations, grocery stores, kayak rental, and general tourist info, please check the map.

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Vilnius – Dubingiai – Molėtai – Ginučiai – Visaginas – Zarasai – Rokiškis – Biržai – Pakruojis – Krekenava – Anykščiai – Molėtai – Vilnius


COORDINATES: 55.718776, 21.128372