Andrius Gailiūnas

No 4. In a camper van around Lithuania



No 4. In a camper van around Lithuania

DISTANCE ~1400 km
Approximate duration: 10-14 days

With a border that runs less than 2,000 km, Lithuania is a very compact country. You can go from the north to the south of the country in 5 hours (276 km) and from east to west in about 6 hours (373 km).

This route around Lithuania is designed for those who like challenges and who want to see as much of the country and its different regions as possible – the Dzūkija ethnographic region with its pine forests, rivers and sandy soil, the region by the Curonian Lagoon (Pamarys), with its kingdom of birds and rivers, Žemaitija ethnographic area with its woodland, authentic culture and traditions, and Aukštaitija ethnographic region, the lake district of Lithuania.

This route connects all of the most important locations in the country – the three capitals of Lithuania, the most popular resort towns, the largest island in Lithuania, and the so-called “road of paradise” that snakes alongside the largest river of Lithuania.

For more information on exact route, sightseeing, campingsites, car repair, gas stations, grocery stores, kayak rental, and general tourist info, please check the map.

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Vilnius – Trakai – Merkinė – Druskininkai – Meteliai – Žuvintai – Birštonas – Zapyškis – Kaunas – Jurbarkas – Šilutė – Rusnė – Mingė – Ventė – Dreverna – Klaipėda – Nida – Palanga – Kretinga – Telšiai – Šiauliai – Biržai – Anykščiai – Zarasai – Visaginas – Ginučiai – Molėtai – Dubingiai – Vilnius


COORDINATES: 55.718776, 21.128372