TOP 10 restaurants



Džiaugsmas might have been voted the best restaurant in Lithuania, but its owner and head chef Martynas Praškevičius never claimed it to be a fine dining establishment. What Džiaugsmas excels at is bringing people together to taste and share unforgettable meals, some of which, like its famous cod fritters, are meant to be eaten without utensils. Quality is behind the success of Džiaugsmas (which stands for joy in Lithuanian, by the way) and all of the main ingredients are sourced locally.

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Ertlio namas

Fancy a culinary journey through the ages? Ertlio Namas offers just that, showcasing the dishes Lithuanian nobles delighted themselves with from the 13th to the 19th century - from sweet soups to quail, from snails to crayfish. The owners of Ertlio Namas have consulted old recipes and food historians to make sure the food they serve is not just tasty, but authentic as well.

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Senoji trobelė

This quaint little hut (trobelė in Lithuanian) in the middle of a busy neighbourhood looks like it was transported straight from a 19th-century village. Truly an authentic eatery, Senoji Trobelė invites guests to taste some of the most iconic game, meat and potato dishes served on clay plates. They also offer an abundance of veggie options, and they bake their bread daily following an old Lithuanian recipe. And all the dishes Senoji Trobelė serves taste even better with a glass of gira, local beer or mead.

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RoseHip offers an exclusively vegan menu, and it's more than just salads. Their speciality is plant-based burgers, including one with pulled jackfruit. Diners can expect a variety of combinations, flavours and techniques that elevate vegan cooking to the next level. It's the perfect place in Vilnius to introduce your meat-loving friends to some veggie delights.

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Sugamour's sweet experiments are created with the same attention and care as jewellery. Cupcakes and macarons, cakes and sorbets simply ask to be marvelled at and photographed from different angles. This place is also known for going all-in when it comes to Christmas decorations. Not a sweet tooth? They serve fantastic brunch as well!

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Mykolo 4

Mykolo 4 is a family restaurant/bistro that seeks to promote the cuisine bourgeoise of Vilnius that formed in the XIX century under the influence of the French bourgeois cuisine and the science of haute cuisine. The dishes are prepared following authentic recipes discovered in old notebooks of XIX-century ladies or overheard in conversation.

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Panama Food Garden

Located in the cosy and hip district of Žvėrynas, Panama Food Garden is a green oasis in an already green city. Famous for its Asian fusion seafood and BBQ, this place features a greenhouse, where you can hold a celebration among the spices used in your meals.

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Senatorių pasažas

Senatorių pasažas is a historical palace located in the heart of Vilnius that’s wholly dedicated to offering only the best quality food. In this lovingly restored building complex you will find two of the country’s most well-known restaurants, 14Horses and Nineteen18, both of which are the perfect embodiment of the farm-to-table concept. But the gastronomic experience does not stop there. In the Arcade’s beautiful open terraced yard you will find shops selling products sourced from Farmer’s Circle, an organic farm that also supplies the restaurant, alongside meat and milk products from local farmers, flowers, books, stylish and functional interior details.

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You know what goes well after a stroll in the quirky Republic of Užupis? Having your mind (and taste buds) blown away by some daring experiments with well-known ingredients. Led by the famed chef Liutauras Čeprackas, Gastronomika is the perfect place for foodies ready to explore what truly modern Lithuanian cuisine looks and tastes like.

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