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TOP 10 restaurants Klaipėda


Monai, a restaurant that resembles a cosy home, is equally suited for a quick lunch and a stylish, elaborate family dinner, perfect for commemorating a special event.

Monai is one of Klaipėda’s best restaurants, recognized both in Lithuania (placing 2nd in the country’s list of top 30 restaurants in 2018) and the Baltic States (placing 15th in the Baltics, as per the White Guide).

The food served at the restaurant depends on the season and the experiments with different tastes, colours, and textures. The patrons and the kitchen staff are separated only by a glass panel, allowing diners to observe the intricacies involved in making exceptional dishes.

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Momo Grill

Momo Grill is heaven for grilled meat and fish enthusiasts. What makes it interesting is the day’s specials, which always depend on the catch of the restaurant’s suppliers.

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Meridianas is primarily notable for its unique history. Built in Finland in 1948, the barquentine was used as a training vessel for sailors and captains. Twenty years later, having served its purpose, Meridianas was finally decommissioned. In 2012, however, it was brought back, renovated, and turned into a restaurant.

Today, Meridianas is an integral part of the port’s landscape and one of its symbols. The main hall is equipped with a glass floor, which affords a fascinating look at the vessel’s old wooden structures underneath.

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Viva LaVita

Located at the height of 20 metres on the 20th floor of the Amberton Hotel Klaipėda, the Viva LaVita restaurant affords a breath-taking view of the Port of Klaipėda, the Curonian Spit, and the Baltic Sea that opens up from its terrace up top. The restaurant offers a wide variety of gourmet foods and cocktails. Besides, Viva LaVita is the only establishment in Klaipėda that serves crocodile steak.

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CaCa, a family restaurant, has a truly unique menu created by chef Karolis Cacaitis and his team. The classical French rotisserie oven used to cook nearly all of the restaurant’s dishes allows meat, fish, and vegetables to cook evenly in their own juices, making for exceptionally succulent dishes that retain the original texture of their ingredients.

CaCa encourages patrons to make it a place of traditional and regular gatherings, that’s why it’s popular for birthday parties and weekend get-togethers.

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Far from the Classics (Toli nuo klasikos)

There is a blue house on the coast of the Baltic Sea that welcomes its visitors. It’s not a restaurant in the traditional sense. It’s far more than that. It’s a house of wine, of tastes, of joy, love, and great memories. Enjoy its distinctive interior and environment - book a table by the greenhouse, or amongst the pine trees, or even visit the special gastronomic theatre.

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Pepper Grey

Pepper Grey serves a variety of Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant may be best known for steaks and ribs, but there are plentiful options for vegetarians and vegans. According to food critics, the kitchen of Pepper Grey works like a well-oiled machine or a symphonic orchestra.

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Baltas ruonis

Even though Baltas ruonis (White Seal) has only been open for a couple of years, it’s already considered among Klaipėda’s best seashore restaurants. This cosy establishment, located in Melnragė, offers not only excellent food but also a dream-like view of the sea.

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Skandalas (Scandal) is one of the most popular and longest-lived restaurants in Klaipėda. Ever since 1996, the restaurant has been serving its legendary aged beefsteak and seafood, perfect with carefully selected wines. It also offers fresh oysters all-year-round!

The restaurant boasts an interior designed following the latest Parisian fashion, and live music shows every weekend.

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Restaurant XII

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have lunch in the sky? This is exactly the experience offered by the panoramic restaurant XII, perched on the 12th floor of Amberton Hotel Klaipėda. As if this wasn’t fascinating enough, grill dishes are made on hot coals right in front of the diners.

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