Unexpected places to relax: Glamping map

During the past several years, the desire for privacy and high-quality rest have inspired many rediscover nature and places that help leave all daily worries behind, tune back in to slower natural rhythms, and enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

Glamping spots – sometimes called forest hotels – have been making strides both in Lithuania and abroad. Offering privacy and unique forms of accommodation and entertainment, it didn’t take long for these places to find their way into the hearts of travellers from around the world.

Lithuania Travel introduces its new map of one-of-a-kind glampings, including tree houses, overwater bungalows, hobbit huts, and a variety of forest dwellings suitable not only for recreation, but also for boosting work productivity at all times of the year.


Tree House (Anykščiai District)

The treehouses built amid pine trees in Anykščiai Regional Park speak to the child in all of us – cosy, surrounded by century-old trees, with all imaginable amenities, and some even with spacious terraces perfect for watching sunrises and sunsets. There are currently two types of treehouses open to guests along the River Šventoji– one built specifically for families with children, the other intended for larger groups (up to 8 guests). To top a memorable day off, we recommend you hop into a traditional Lithuanian sauna, and let yourself be lulled into sleep by the soothing murmur of pine trees.

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Kalniaus Sodyba (Kretinga District)

If you’re looking for romance and have no fear of heights, you’ll love Kalniaus Sodyba – a picture-perfect domed tent, set up in a tree at 3.5 m above the forest surrounding Lake Kašučiai. During the day, you can enjoy the tranquil pleasures of swinging about in a hammock, and take your time inside a hot bath in the evening. You can also take a leisurely walk among Friesian horses grazing in the meadow below.

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A shot of adrenaline at Taurai Adventure Park (Tauragė)

Are you a fan of adrenalin-pumping adventure, and staying at a regular hotel simply doesn’t cut it? If so, you must visit the Taurai Adventure Park and spend the night in its treehouse built 8 m above ground! The house is meant for two intrepid nature lovers who fear neither heights, nor fellow treetop inhabitants of the beetle kind.

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Birdhouse in a Tree (Alytus District)

If you’re always on the run, Birdhouse in a Tree is just the place for you. As the owners themselves like to say, Birdhouse in a Tree was built to help visitors rediscover inner peace and the ability to find happiness in little things. The house is designed for two. Nearby you’ll also find a cosy bathroom and a gorgeous terrace where visitors like to go for a cup of tea and flip through any of the numerous books intended for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

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Varėna Tree House (Varėna District)

Varėna Tree House offers several treehouses surrounded by the forest. Use the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of Vilnius and dive into the pristine natural environments of Varėna District, which is just an hour away. Inside the little houses, guests will find all the necessary amenities, including comfortable beds and a basic kitchen. The houses are also perfectly suited for those seeking a quiet place to do their work pecking at a laptop keyboard while listening to the soothing sounds of nature.

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Alove.glamping (Alytus District)

Alove.glamping – located in the Alytus District – extends an invitation to rest with style. This glamping site, skilfully combining modern amenities with a pristine natural environment, offers a night inside a beautifully designed dome at any time of the year. Here you’ll be able to make your own dinner in a little kitchenette, and leave your worries behind while counting stars on a cosy terrace with a view of the Alovė Lake. For an additional fee, visitors can also take their nocturnal reveries to a hot tub. During the day – provided you’re not coming here for a workation, or during your lunch break – you can also go boating or rent a stand-up paddleboard.

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Accommodation in tipis and domes at Alsana Campsite (Ignalina District)

Alsana Campsite – located next to Lake Alsanai between the Ginučiai and Palūšė villages – offers visitors to spend the night inside a transparent dome or next to a fire crackling at the centre of a traditional tipi set up on the rolling hills nearby. The tipis are intended for those with a penchant for nature, exotic spaces, and warmth, while the dome – erected right next to the lake – is perfect for visitors looking for romance, privacy, and comfort. The dome has a luxurious double bed (guests with children are welcome) and a stove. For an additional fee, you also hop into an outdoor hot tub.

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Transparent wooden tents at Virėkšta Campsite (Ignalina District)

If you’re tired of sleeping in traditional tents, Virėkšta Campsite offers an alternative – wooden “tents” with a view of Lake Virėkšta. Drifting off into sleep while gazing at the stars and waking up at sunrise – if that’s something you’ve been dreaming about, look no further than the Virėkšta Campsite.

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Forest Domes (Vilnius District)

The new Forest Domes glamping could easily compete with the country’s best hotels – its unique environment and glass domes are intended for those who value privacy. The glamping site – a veritable forest SPA – offers a jacuzzi, a barbecue area, a full kitchen (if you don’t feel like cooking, food can also be ordered in advance), and an opportunity to enjoy classical or Thai back and facial massage. The domes are perfect for a romantic getaway surrounded by nature close to Vilnius.

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Stained glass tent at Glamping Club, Bučeliškė (Molėtai District)

The transparent stained glass “tent” (also known as the “forest glasshouse”) is located in Molėtai District, smack dab in the middle of the Lithuanian jungle – the Labanoras Forest. The tent-glasshouse offers a kitchenette, a small antechamber, and a bathroom. For an additional fee, you can also relax in a hot tub.

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Hobbit house at Natur Camp Birštonas (Birštonas)

Located in a pine forest no more than a dozen minutes away from the city centre, Natur Camp Birštonas offers accommodation inside comfortable hobbit-style huts with enough space for 3-4 guests, and all the amenities necessary for quality rest. Alternatively, you can spend the night inside the glamping’s own tent with a small terrace and double bed where you’ll also find towels, a kettle, and some cups for afternoon tea or coffee.

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Hobbit house II at Misgiriai Campsite (Klaipėda District)

A number of Hobbit-style houses can be found at the Misgiriai Campsite. You can choose from houses best suited for single guests, couples, seniors, fishermen, and families. For an additional fee, you can also enjoy a hot tub, buy some firewood or rent a (pedal)boat or a stand-up paddleboard.

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Clay-plastered straw house at Plaukiam Verkne (Birštonas Municipality)

If you’re looking for a truly fascinating experience – why not spend the night in a renovated, clay-plastered straw house with a unique interior? The Plaukiam Verkne collective also offers tents made from natural fabrics. At the campsite, you’ll find a number of fire pits, lakeside gazebos, a basketball court, and a canoe rental.

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Yurt Village (Kelmė District)

Located next to Lake Medinis in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park, the Yurt Village offers all-season accommodation in spacious yurts made of natural wood and wool. Each yurt has a fireplace, several beds, a dining table, and a fridge. For an additional fee, you can also enjoy the sauna or hot tub. The glamping site – especially popular with families – is also perfect for fishing, playing volleyball, and making exquisite dishes in an outdoor grill.

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Wild West Campsite (Kelmė District)

Relax to the rhythm of American Indian tribes in the scenic valley of Dubysa River, located between Raseiniai and Kelmė. The Wild West Campsite offers not only accommodation in wigwams, but also traditional “medicinal tipi” style saunas. Here, instead of a regular kitchen you’ll find an old-school bread oven, and get an opportunity to try your hand at archery, riding horseback, and various games of different American Indian peoples.

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Vinetu Village (Klaipėda District)

Vinetu Village enables visitors to gain some distance from civilization, and – in the words of the owners – go on a journey of self-discovery with the aid of pristine natural surroundings. The large territory of the village has a number of tipis designed for couples, families, and groups of friends – anywhere between 2 and 80 people. Next to the tipis, you’ll find several areas for quiet recreation and active rest where you can take part in an American Indian sauna ritual, sound meditation, drum circle, or a tasting of traditional American Indian food.

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A night in a train car (Palanga)

Several years ago, a train car that used to make rounds between Vilnius and Moscow was trucked to the Palanga Camping and brought back to life as a unique place to spend a night in Palanga. The train car – its original interior still intact – has nine four-person compartments and one double. Despite providing some of the resort town’s cheapest accommodation, visitors who aren’t particularly concerned with luxury will still find all the necessary amenities for a night of restful sleep.

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Bohemian tents at Bohostay (Vilnius District)

If you’re tired of sleeping in a traditional tent, bohemian-style accommodation can also be found in the Vilnius District, near the Dūkštos Oak Grove and the Neris Regional Park. Here, in addition to authentic tents, you’ll also find a sauna, a hot tub, and a nearby lake teeming with different species of fish. Since the Bohostay camping is located on a hill, you’ll also get to enjoy a gorgeous forest panorama.

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Forest Heaven (Rietavas Municipality)

The Forest Heaven campsite is located next to a pond and provides the perfect opportunity for those seeking a respite from civilization. Here you won’t have access to the internet, electric power, or any other mainstays of modern life that could potentially ruin your peaceful getaway. What you will find here is a cosy terrace and a fire pit for nighttime reveries. The hut is spacious enough for 3 guests.

A little deeper into the forest you’ll also find a second campsite with the enticing name Light. The campsite has a two-storey house with a hot tub built right next to the roof. The house has an electric outlet where you can charge your phone or laptop, making it ideal for a workation – the bedroom even has an assortment of books on self-development.

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Seaside gazebo at Karkelbeck No. 409 (Klaipėda District)

The owners of Karkelbeck No. 409 promise a night of restful sleep in an Asian-style gazebo while listening to the murmuring sea off in the distance. The three lovingly furnished gazebos, each with a unique interior, were tailor-made for barefoot living – you sit on comfy little pillows, and get a good night’s sleep on woollen bedding. While the gazebos themselves don’t have electricity, all the most important amenities can be found in the nearby administration building. If you like, you can also order breakfast – hot rolls, porridge, cheesecake, tea and coffee.

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Accommodation at Svencelė, Lithuania’s kitesurfing and sailing mecca (Klaipėda District)

Spend a night in Svencelė – a unique oasis for water sports, located on the shores of the Curonian Lagoon, amid a soft natural landscape. Rest assured, though, you don’t have to be a pro sailor to come here – many people stay at Svencelė just to enjoy some peace and quiet, and gaze upon kiteboarding enthusiasts out in the distance. Accommodation is provided in three types of cosily furnished containers with a breath-taking view of the Curonian Lagoon.

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Cabins for two on the shores of Žeimenio Lake (Švenčionys District)

The campsite located by Lake Žeimenis has several cosy 9 sq. m. cabins with large panoramic windows – perfect for a romantic vacation, complete with a million-dollar view. The campsite provides all the necessary camping gear – from pots, glasses and kitchenware to barbecues, and even a hot tub!

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Džaladūta yacht hotel (Nida)

If you ever find your life lacking in romance – head on over to Nida! The local Džaladūta yacht hotel offers snug little compartments with a kitchenette for cooking your own dinner and morning tea or coffee, and a beautiful view of the Parnidis Dune.

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Heated dome Oasis Dome (Varėna District)

The Oasis Dome is a private jetty that offers overwater accommodation inside a luxurious dome-tent. Yup, you read that right – in the morning, instead of chugging hot coffee to get energised, you can dip your feet into a foggy lake – much more effective than caffeine! Come rain or shine, you can stay in the dome thanks to an indoor autonomous heating system.

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Closer to Nature (Anykščiai District)

Located in Anykščiai, the Closer to Nature compound offers visitors a night in a cabin surrounded on all sides by a gang of fallow deer! The hut itself has large windows perfect for quiet and relaxing deer-spotting and restoring your natural sleep-wake cycle. For an additional fee, you can also enjoy a hot sauna or go canoeing.

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Forest Hut (Druskininkai Municipality)

The exceptionally charming glass Forest Hut – located in the resort town of Druskininkai – is a great choice for anyone who values aesthetics and comfort, yet don’t want to get too far away from nature. The hut – built in the middle of a forest with great care and respect for nature – is spacious enough to accommodate two guests, a family, or a small group of people. Next to the hut, you’ll also find a terrace, a hot tub, and a designated grill spot.

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DOYOU PLACE (Elektrėnai Municipality)

Whether you’re looking for rest or some fresh inspiration and a place suitable for productive work, DOYOU PLACE has all you could possibly want, and more. The campsite has a number of minimalist A-frame cabins meant for adults only – the principal rule here is “more nature, more peace and quiet”. There’s also a sauna here that you can access at any time for an additional fee.

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Etno Hut (Elektrėnai Municipality)

Etno Hut – built in the forest with sustainability and “small living” enthusiasts in mind – has all of the most necessary amenities, a kitchenette, and a stove that visitors can use during winter. The hut is perfect for nearly any occasion – from a neat summer getaway to a jubilant New Year‘s celebration.

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Tauro Troba (Tauragė District)

Assembled from two decommissioned shipping containers, Tauro Troba (Ox Hut) was quick to win over the glamping crowd. The titular shelter – a spacious cabin suitable for up to 4 guests – has all of the most important amenities, a separate bedroom, and a sofa bed in the living room. If you’re the kind of person who can’t be bothered to cook during vacations, you have the option to order a healthy vegetarian lunch or dinner made using produce sourced from local farmers.

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Boutique SPA & resort ATOKAMPIS (Kaišiadorys District)

The luxurious SPA & resort ATOKAMPIS offers recreational services year-round – guests are encouraged to enjoy the resort’s hot tub while listening to the rustling forest even when it snows! Here you’ll also find an ECO pool – a tiny artificial lake with stone decorations and vegetation – that‘s open during summer. The resort also provides catering and SPA services.

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The InWoods nest box (Molėtai District)

Located in the Molėtai District, the InWoods hut – also known as a “nest box” – is not just a place where you can have some peace and quiet, but a downright therapeutic space deep in the Labanoras Forest. The hut contains all the amenities you could wish for – a shower, bathroom, hygiene products, an induction stove for cooking a delicious breakfast, and kitchenware for eating it! Just outside you’ll also find a terrace and a grill. InWoods is open year-round – many repeat guests like to come here for Christmas and New Year’s.

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Beehive (Dreverna)

In the Dreverna campsite, located near the Curonian Lagoon, you’ll find a neat row of modular cottage-like rooms for three guests with separate entrances. All of the rooms have terraces, while those on the second floor also open up on a gorgeous view of the Curonian Lagoon. In addition, guests can enjoy Beehive’s sauna and jacuzzi year-round, and a heated outdoor pool, sunbeds, sandy beach, and other local attractions during summer, all of which is free of charge!

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