A. Aleksandravičius

Along the scenic Lake Galvė

It’s not for nothing that Trakai is called lake country. Trakai District has nearly 200 lakes. Many of them border the town of Trakai itself: Galvė, Luka (Bernardinai), Nerespinka, Totoriškės, Gilušis, Lovka, Babrukas, Skaistis, Akmena and other lakes, big and small. It seems as if water reigns in the area, and land obediently gives way to it. All of Trakai’s lakes are beautiful, but none compare to the wonderful Galvė. This is one of the largest lakes in the Trakai region and one of the deepest in Lithuania. Its shores are carved with numerous bays, and its waters are dotted with 21 islands. The picturesque Lake Galvė is a favourite among water-based tourists, divers and holiday makers and rowers and sailing teams train and compete in it as well. We would like to invite you on an 18 km bike ride along Lake Galvė, from the Trakai Peninsula Castle to Užutrakis Manor and back.