A. Aleksandravičius

Pažaislis Monastery

Surprising as it may sound, Pažaislis Monastery is quite possibly the most romantic place in Lithuania. A genuine baroque diamond from the 17th century, the monastery was built by the affluent, influential and religious Pacas family. Although the monastery has been devastated multiple times during various wars, artwork by Italian artists Giovanni Battista Frediani, the brothers Pietro and Carlo Puttini, Joano Meri, and Giuseppe Rossi, and the Florentine painter Michelangelo Palloni, all withstood the test of time. The sound of music beneath the arches of the church reveals its beauty as many concerts and music festivals take place here. The silence of the monastery is managed by the order of the Sisters of St. Casimir. In the southern part of the monastery you will find the Sacral Heritage Museum of the Pažaislis Monastery. Next to it is Monte Pacis, a unique dining and hospitality complex where you can experience a contemporary interpretation of historical dishes.